Unique Kissing Tips to Make Him Crazy

A simple kiss can generate different kinds of emotions all the same time such as passion, love and intimacy and every individual wants to know different kissing tips to make them a good kisser. Kissing is actually an art with practice, you can be very good at it. You can find tons of tips on … [Read more…]

The Importance of Romance

As anyone involved in a meaningful long term relationship will tell you, romance is a vital aspect of living and loving the person you’re with. Romance can take many forms in a relationship, but it’s important to try to maintain romantic feeling throughout your time together to help promote longevity and a happier relationship overall. … [Read more…]

Smart Cougar Women

There are plenty of beautiful and intelligent women out there who are well over forty and do not mind dating younger men. It is a wrong notion that these women are pathetically desperate or predatory as the media depicts them. On the contrary, you will find themintelligent, warm and witty. There are confident and smart … [Read more…]

5 Steps to Amazing Sex

Article by: Nat Doroshenko Sex is a powerful 3 letter word. If you pay attention to news, entertainment, and life around you in general you can’t avoid sex and all the media and hype around it. You watch movies and read books that show you couples engaged in passionate exciting sex and you just stare … [Read more…]

The Top 15 Traits Women Want in a Man

Article by: Rusty Doyle 1. Confidence: This one comes first, because it is crucial to overall attractiveness. Having confidence means knowing your value and respecting yourself, which you display through your body language and actions. Keep in mind that there is a big difference between being confident and being cocky. 2. Independence: This one goes … [Read more…]

3 Oral Sex Tips He’ll Love You For

Note to first video below: Content may be offensive to some viewers. Also language. Article by: Jack Hutson It’s not a secret that men adore getting oral sex. They basically think about it every single day. As shallow as it may sound to you, whenever I look at an attractive female – the first thing … [Read more…]

Six Things Men Notice First In A Woman

Ever wondered what guys notice first in you? Could it be your eyes and how it mirrors your emotions? Could it be your smile and expression? Or perhaps it’s your scent or cologne that attracts the male pheromones? Cease those wonderings and know the secrets of what pique their interests. Here are the six (6) … [Read more…]

Women’s Sexual Fantasies

Nearly all women have them, here are some: Private Dancer – is a great fantasy, most women wouldn’t have the nerve to strip in a public setting, yet it is a very common sex fantasy and it involves either stripping in public or some women dream of seductively stripping in front of their partner giving … [Read more…]